Michael and Jennifer Mason (Wedding Date: July 4, 2015)

Michael and Jennifer's story together began over ten years ago, while they were both teenagers working at a local pharmacy. When Jen was hired at the MGH Rite Aid on Cambridge Street, Michael had been there for some time and had already worked his way up to manager. Michael is a very special person in my own life. As cousins, I have been able to see his growth in development in comparison to myself as well as his peers. He has always had a deep seeded precociousness about him that was always evident in his work ethic. A quality he would identify in Jen, and she in him. Their relationship to each other is marked by their affection, but more deeply, it is marked by a respect for the sincerity and determination of their drive and ambition. Their wedding, shot by Kiss the Bride Wedding was an exciting 4th of July celebration of love, family and friendship!